Saturday, 4 January 2014

Coffee in the park (The Little Marionette)

If you love great coffee and you equally enjoy relaxing at the park on a sunny Sydney day, then The Little Marionette is for you! You can order your coffee, grab a rug and head over the road to neighbouring Gladstone Park where the waiters will personally deliver your order to you. Of course if the weather doesn't permit an outdoor experience you can always sit inside the café where a few tables await you. The coffee is top notch, and the salmon and avocado on toast is generously served with a dollop of ricotta and copious amounts of salmon – a great way to start the weekend.

After coffee or brunch you can take in the shopping scene on Darling Street, including two lovely bookstores, homewares and fashion. If you are adventurous on a Saturday or Sunday you can even walk all the way up to the Rozelle Markets, located close to Victoria Road ;-)

What: The Little Marionette
Where: 1A Booth Street, Balmain
Monday-Sunday: 6.30am-5.00pm

Take the ferry to Balmain East and the 442/444 or 445 bus up to Gladstone Park

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